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11:25 PM - @_ceciliaag

Laying in my bed with nothing but confusing thoughts in my head. I wonder if I'll ever be worthy. Worthy enough for love. Worthy enough for the man up above. I didn't remain monogamous but I guess it's ok since you'd like to remain anonymous.

Was this just sex ? Must've been. You're already on to the next. You did me so wrong for so long yet you're my favorite ex. Are you an ex at all ? Maybe not because to you I was just a late night booty call. While you focused on making my legs shake, I tried to forget I was sleeping with a snake. Foolish enough to let my heart break. I convinced myself time and time again "no man would ever put this much effort just to get some" but you did. You turned getting some into something fun. And my feelings and emotions were a game. And I became one of those girls you could hang in your hall of fame. And you are not a little boy, you shouldn't have played with me like a toy.

I knew what and who you were from the start. But I didn't know you would break my fucking heart. You have no fear or the slightest care. You solely worry on your sexual and not intellectual. Obviously. because if you did you would see it is me. It was me before you took , and took, like I was a giving tree. I gave my body, my soul and mind. Now there's nothing left and I can't seem to find where I went wrong or the will be strong. All those things you said to me, all fucked me up incredibly.


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