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"Sorry Bout Last Night" - @IAmGearyAndre

Sorry bout last night...

​It seemed like one long lifetime stuck in one night

I don't know whether I spilled my drink or my emotions..

I know you was in front of me tho..

White dress and greenish eyes.

Gazing into your eyes with every laugh and smile you showed throughout the night.

It was amazing it honestly was..I feel like a asshole spilling the jack and coke on your dress then having the ice cubes go down your dress..

It was all a mess..

Sorry bout last night.. I thought I was being interviewed by Cupid for the love of my life.Stuttered and made a fool of myself.

Last night seemed like I got hired for a tempt job and I had a 90 day period to impress the company or get fired with a mindful of regrets

Sorry bout last night.. I overthink and let my mind get too ahead of me I'm thinking 3 months ahead but I ruined it in about 3 M...minutes

Sorry bout last night..I want to make it up to you by taking you out on a casual date.. like movies and sneaking in candy cause the theater candy is too expensive..

Sorry bout last night.. I think I fell in love with your presence and sadly I had no present 🎁 for your birthday cause you didn't tell me bout it..

Sorry bout last night where I pressed you over a guy who you been knew before you even seemed to know my existence..

Sorry bout last night..I fucked up now you not answering these phone calls.. I think this the 2nd cal..wait I lied it's the 5th..

I know i fucked up when the messages go from Blue.. To not even Delivered

5th like this bottle of crown that only hears all my pleads for you but never responds back. I swear it's playing devils advocate.

So..Sorry bout last night 😔✌🏽

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