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Life Sucks Pt 2 - @DrizzysHelper

Life Sucks

Last time I spoke on this topic I did it wrong and I owe u all apologies. Since that time a lot has happened. It's NFL playoff time again so when u read this for the second or 3rd time the Pats should have 6 rings. Anyways, let's get to it.

Life doesn't suck. That's the truth. If Life does suck, it's not life, it's u. That's a joke. But seriously Life is great. It's a new year and as many mistakes as we made in the last 365 days, we still here for another year. I thought life's joys were getting drunk having raw sex and wasting other people's time how they do yours. Again I was wrong........ don't get drunk.

It's crazy that I don't drink anymore but whats even more crazy is I don't miss it. My life just continued on like I had never drank a day in my life. The best things in life don't suck, they're free. Breath, light, even water, and if these aren't life joys to u, go awhile without any of them.

The thing that sucks about life is what makes it great: not knowing what's next. Unpredictability is life's trump card (used loosely lol). It's what makes life, life. How boring would Life be if u knew when u would be late for something or knew exactly when all the good times were scheduled.

That's hella wack. Live life the way it was intended: the way u have been doing. I'm not here to preach, I'm here to give useless advice: live. Live is the present tense of life and since it's a new year it can be a new you as well. Sorry if this wasn't "funny" enough of a read but the words are real. Signing off, the artist formerly known as iDWC. Later on.


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