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Press Release - @cierraanise

Unless you live under a rock, you are aware of one of America's biggest issues. African American citizens have always been treated poorly, as the lesser being in in this country. These past few years the media has been a big outlet in educating the people on the racism in the country. The media has also been responsible for the people form their opinions nowadays.

What I've noticed in the news, whether it's in tv or online is how manipulative and twisted stories can be made/reported. The case of Trayvon Martin really sticks out because of the way news outlets depicted Trayvon to be. Like it or not he was a victim. What concerns me is how these outlets displayed pictures of him that wouldn't have been "accepted" in society. The pictures depicted Trayvon to be a negative person, a "street kid" if you would. Some people formed opinions and called him a "thug." The media tends to try to bring black citizens down. Suspect, or victim, they are still somehow seen as the bad guy through news, and media platforms. Dirt on these people is ultimately dug up to make them look like less of a person. I've seen instances where a black victim's arrest records were brought up on a news article/report and the records were not in any way relative to why he was unjustly shot.

The media sets up black Americans to look bad in the public eye, or to anyone who is not willing to look deeper into these stories. Meanwhile, white Americans (suspects or victims) are basically given the benefit of the doubt. Pictures, videos, & stories of them being or seeming family oriented or an all around good person are shown and shared way more often than mugshots, arrest records, & anything else that will give them a bad spotlight. The press, it's biased when is comes to skin color, which causes more and more friction throughout the nation. More tension, and more outrages are coming into play due to people being fed up with the lack of fairness in the media and in the country overall.

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