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Something About Nothing - @IAmSteezus

Are you someone that sits back and observes how people act? Or are you someone that people sit back and observe?

Everyday when you step out the door, people look to you to mold their character. Be something positive, do something positive. Whether you believe it or not, you are someone’s inspiration, someone’s reason to look at life positively. It’s your life, do something incredible.

Life is like being lost in the woods. You have to constantly choose which path you want to take, every choice you make will lead you somewhere. Choose the right path(s).

It’s crazy how I wake up every morning and have no idea where I want to go in life, but it’s even crazier how normal that feeling has become to me. Sometimes I feel completely lost, but is that how things are supposed to be?

It’s crazy how you see a human being, just being a miracle by being on earth, tell themselves they can’t do something, because someone else says they can’t. You are a walking miracle, don’t forget that.

This is just something I thought I should share with the world.

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