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The illness that won the war.. - @IAmGearyAndre

Me and depression go way back like we knew each in our past life

Everyone has a chapter they don’t read out loud.

I’ve been so close to the pad I can read between the lines literally.

Tears done fell down so much in the dark the puddle should show a reflection of my true self.

Each line has a story behind it.

I wake up sweating from running from depression in my sleep..

The dream seems to never end.

I’m a hamster on the wheel, trying to run from my own mental.

I’ve thought about the afterlife.

Oddly enough not even how I would die just fast forwarding to the point where I’m finally at peace.

I walked by a cemetery on my way to work and imagined myself in their place.

Role’s sad that a 23 year old kid is thinking about this..

My life is at a stand still w/ no breakthroughs.

It’s like walking thru the motions everyday.

The support system usually is the ones who you don’t even know who show the most interest in your business or ideas.

Instead everyone just wants free things.

I choose to live in my own world.

They say keep fighting it and find other outlets..

But they never tell you how long to keep fighting for.. similarly to how they never tell you about real life things in school

but want you to know how to add equations that you may never use.

What round am I in? Seems like the devil and his friends are substituting to keep pushing me to the edge

I realized that half the time me caring about most things are dead..

I wish it wasn’t too late to give up..

I’m paying for things I have no control over.. currency can’t buy depression out.

Depression living rent free..

This is the illness that won the war..

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