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The "L" Word - @xoJeks

Love is patience

Love is kind

Love is being there for your significant other no matter how hard it gets

Love is hope

Love is getting butterflies every single time he walks in the room

Love is fireworks going off in your tummy every time his lips touch yours

Love is getting anxious when it takes him awhile to text back

Love is being willing to have your life become complicated by the needs and struggles of someone else

Love is humble

Love is being willing to ask for forgiveness

Love always protects

Love always trusts, hopes and perseveres

Love is the feeling you get when he sneaks up on you and hugs you from behind

Love is the sensation you get when he ever so gently kisses your neck

Love is waking up to him and not wanting to get out of bed

Love is knowing when to pick your battles

Love is thinking about him at 1:29 pm when you're busy at work

Love is not wanting to sleep because being in his presence is 10x better

Love is staying on the phone cause neither one of you wants to hang up

Love is falling asleep on the phone because his breathing is a melody to your ears

Love is watching football with him and not asking questions

Love is living in the present

Love is working together for the future

Love is learning from the past and making it better

Love is seeing in him what others can't

Love is weakening

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