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Power of One. - @Amir2Real

Trayvon Martin. Tamir Rice. Darius Simmons. Mike Brown. Walter Scott. Freddie Gray. Sandra Bland...

And now Alton Sterling. These are some of the more known names of those killed by police in only the last few years. There's hundreds more since 2010. Thousands since 2000 and millions since the birth of the United States. I don't know how many more have to be beaten, brutalized & even killed before we as an entire nation finally realize it has to stop. The truth is: it never will as long as we don't see each other as equals and speak up for each other when injustice is happening right before our eyes. I know you might not think your voice matters but there are MILLIONS of people just like you who think the same thing. If all of us truly come together and speak up, it might not happen today, tomorrow, next month or even next year but they will be forced to hear us out one day and understand that we won't stand for this kind of injustice any longer but it all starts with YOU... Become the change you want to see in the world. Spread love & positivity to all those who need it. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern... We're all human beings, we all breathe the same air & bleed the same blood. No one on Earth is above or below you so please don't take “Black Lives Matter” to mean that they believe they are more valuable than you or more important than you, the message behind that movement is they deserve equal treatment as you and they simply aren't getting it and they won't as long as everyone else turns a blind eye to what's happening. So rise up, no matter what race you are and let this corrupt country who never gave a fuck about us know that they better start giving a fuck or else they'll never hear the end of it. As I said once before, BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD! People change people and I believe that one day there will be peace among all of us if we just LISTEN TO THOSE IN NEED. It is a big dream but it's not an impossible one as long as a lot of us become courageous enough to step up for one another rather than staying quiet and letting these injustices get swept under the rug like we've been doing as a nation for the last 250+ years. I know a lot of you will probably read this & think “Nahhh some things will never change” and that's the EXACT mentality that keeps people oppressed. So I'll leave you with this... Start with yourself because the power of one can become the power of many. I believe in myself, I believe in you & I believe in all of us. Together we can raise the next generation to be greater than us and who knows? Maybe one day people will look back at our generation & call us uncivilized savages the same way we look back at some of the generations before us... Anyways, I hope there are a few of you who already share these sentiments and if you weren't, I hope you are now. This is bigger than you & I so please don't take this message lightly. I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this & I hope y'all enjoyed it... God bless y'all. I'm out

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