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[Scarlet] - @ThumpAsh

& your scarlet vibrations rip their way through your skin rough to the touch you shy away & blush too much detail in this tanned line listening to old Mya while admiring your natural henna an hypnotist quality your body changes position & these travel paths change i envision what goes on underneath look at you look at we both of our skins stretched jolly following these paths on you my favorite hobby i wonder if goosebumps appear between these divisions a juxtaposition a tear accentuated by joy these tears create tiers of tears that tearaway at places that hurt us most we share ourselves at points most vulnerable hoping someone doesn't react w/ "that's gross" we subtly try stretch beyond the limits of our shirts small panic to not be hurt we want someone to appreciate this this form of body modification that we've all been through we punctuate ourselves yet get told it's ruining bastardizing the natural form no one understands: i don't need your fucking opinion on my home i always had an obsession with lightning scars taking its own form on flesh burning the oils instantly whereas these these natural glimpses into me were ripped slow i look at you in the nighttime silhouette barely recognizable yet, there's this glow you're showing me inside yourself normally you're shy but you're sharing something you want only i to know & it's known my flesh bears the same mark but this night you remarked you wanted to share something with a teddy bear who's ripped but still holds all his cute stuffin' you, baby, yes you, are made of a special something a tear passes my eye realizing how grateful i am that i can appreciate your tears

& be grateful it didn't tear you into nothing.

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